PM’s First Official Visit To WNB

West New Britain is gearing up to receive Prime Minister, James Marape tomorrow in his first official provincial visit to the province.

After a fruitful day of talks with landowners of Wafi-Golpu mine in Morobe Province at Mumeng yesterday, the Prime Minister is expected to arrive in Kimbe where he will be greeted and hosted at the Vogae Park with traditional singsings and school activities.

It will be there that PM Marape will have the opportunity to inform the people on progress of work on the construction of their multi-million kina WNB provincial hospital, the upgrade of Kimbe-Hoskins road, and a reply to their request to Parliament on whether Talasea can be split into two districts.

The programme will extend into a tour of the southern coast of the province, in particular Amulut and Maklo islands, where the Prime Minister will open a classroom and given a tour of communities living with the impact of rising sea levels from climate change.

Regional Member Sasindran Muthuvel said that WNB is looking forward to receive the Prime Minister and has been preparing its “Pasin West” welcome to put on show for him.

Muthuvel added he was also glad the Prime Minister has agreed to see the remote part of the province where “no other prime minister had ever visited before except for late Great Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare”.

“This part of our province is very remote and sparsely-populated. The only visit was by Sir Michael. When he asked them if they wished anything from him; they said for a ship. Within a month, he delivered to them a ship. Maybe he acted so fast because he saw how essential this need is for our people here,” said Muthuvel.

“Prime Minister Marape has visited West New Britain before, but it was during the emergency of the Ulamona eruptions so we are now looking forward to receiving him officially. 

“We welcome this opportunity to showcase and market our province to him and to let him know our challenges, our potential and show him our assets, including Numundo beef and West New Britain taro which we hope he will enjoy,” said Muthuvel. 

Freddy Mou