PM’s Department to fund SOE

The K6 million allocated for the State of Emergency in Southern Highlands will be sourced from the Prime Minister’s Department and the Department of Finance.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made this announcement yesterday afternoon in Port Moresby when announcing the government delegates’ visit to China on June 21, 2018.

O’Neill said the actions of those few people in Southern Highlands have brought shame to the whole province.

However, he said those leaders who were involved in one way or another will be going to Southern Highlands today to talk to the people.

The PM stated that this is not a new issue; it is an ongoing one that has been experienced time and again.

He added that those who have instigated and have contributed to the issue are known to the police and arrests will be made soon.

PM O’Neill also called on the Opposition not to politicize the situation for their own gains.

He said the only way to remove him as the Prime Minister is through election and not ‘petty politics’.

O’Neill made these remarks after the Opposition demanded his resignation to address the issues at his province.

He also commended the security personnel for their tireless efforts in restoring peace and order in Southern Highlands and their effort since the earthquake disaster in February.

Freddy Mou