Plastic bags will be banned: Minister

The Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Pundari, has announced that there will be a total plastic ban.

The ban will be re-introduced this year, outlawing all plastic bags, both degradable and non-degradable.

Minister Pundari announced this stating it is in the best interest of the environment, especially marine life.

The ban was initially announced in 2014 but was halted due to financial constraints and lack of management.

He noted that there are about 460,000 kilograms of plastic bags imported or manufactured every year and the amount of plastic bag waste in the country is shocking!

He acknowledged that this ban will have an impact on manufacturers and importers however, he is setting some propositions, including a timeframe of 1 month for concerned manufacturers to come forward with alternatives.

The management of plastic waste would need at least a minimum of K20 million annually, and if these manufacturers are willing, there can be some terms of understanding agreed on between them and the ministry.

“One option is for the companies to suggest to me if they are willing to pay an agreed amount of fee, for instance, levy can be paid,” Pundari added.

Imelda Wavik