PILAG renamed to Somare Institute

After today’s Parliament Sitting, the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) will be known as the Somare Institute of Leadership and Governance (SILAG).

This change in name comes after the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance Amendment Bill 2023, passed in Parliament today.

The bill will rectify legal oversights, challenges and gaps in specific provisions of the 2017 Act.

In his speech, Public Service Minister Joe Sungi said, “The first impediment area of concern was to do with the transitional provision of the Act that regulated that transitional period from the PNG Institute of Public Administration to the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance which were all achieved and not applicable at present.”

The other important legal and policy to be addressed by this amendment is the status and appointment process of the PILAG Board Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson which was not clearly defined in the principle Act.

Sungi further stated, “The amendment provides that the chairperson of the board shall be the department head responsible for Public Service or Personnel Management whilst the Deputy Chairperson shall be a representative from either the National Training Council or NTC or the Department of High Education, Research, Science and Technology or DHERST.”

The Minister said this is to ensure that there is continuity and coordination of the government, public service training policies and implementation and monitoring of the public service training program which is one of the National Government’s care areas.

Furthermore, the bill provides a significant amendment in the change of name in the institution from the ‘Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance’ to the ‘Somare Institute of Leadership and Governance.’

“It is the executive government’s intent, and the wisdom of the Prime Minister and this government and the entire caucus to rename this premier government training institution you portray and give prominence in commemoration of the founding father and the first Prime Minister of this country.”

MPs for Pomio Open, Elias Kapavore and Kandep Open Don Polye commended the passing of this bill.

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