Petty Crimes Blamed For Deaths

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Gideon Ikumu who was present at the incident scene at Garden Hills that claimed the lives of two men and injured a woman, said these were the result of petty crimes.

“Every time residents walk past this area, they are harassed, there is pickpocketing. This continued until last night, youths from the settlement snatched a boombox from residents. The boombox generation fought over a boombox and this led to the deaths.”

Met Supt. Ikumu said the officer allegedly involved in the shooting was ordered to remain at home while the matter is being investigated.

“Whatever the investigator says by the end of the day, whether or not there is substantial evidence to arrest the officer right away, then he will be arrested.”

A trade store belonging to a resident was also set alight during the carnage that followed the deaths, with one man nursing a knife wound to his hand in relation to the incident.

Met Sup Ikumu said, destruction to the property will be investigated once calm is restored.

 “Right now we are trying to quell the situation and to maintain calm and order before we look at that.”

Longtime residents of the area urged the police to ensure that the crime rate in the area is reduced and residents can move about freely.

“We have issues going out and coming back. Vehicles on the road are also being victimized,” said one resident.

She also pointed out that no one is following COVID-19 protocols in the settlement, with the road always packed full of people everyday.

“There are no COVID-19 protocols, we cannot pass through and go to catch our work vehicles because the place is always packed. People are not observing the measures,” she said.

She also called on the Pandemic Controller, David Manning to visit the area to carry out awareness and help settlement residents to adhere to protocols.

Roadblocks have been removed and police say they will regularly monitor the situation throughout the day.

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