Petitioners seek review in Supreme Court

Two petitions that were dismissed in the National Court for being incompetent will go before the Supreme Court this month.

Francis Potape’s petition was dismissed by the National Court on January 24. He was challenging Philip Undialu’s win as Hela Governor.

He will be seeking leave of the Supreme Court to review the reasons behind the dismissal of his petition next Wednesday.

The grounds of the review are on the basis that the National Court went outside the objection grounds raised by Undialu and made findings on its own.

The high court will hear the review if leave is granted.

The petitioner in the Jimi Open seat has also filed for review in the Supreme Court.

Mai Dop will be seeking leave of the court to review the National Court’s decision to dismiss the petition.

On January 24, Justice Ellenas Batari found the petition incompetent because petitioner Mai Dop failed to comply with Form 1 of the 2017 Election Petition rules.

That review will also be heard if leave is granted by the Supreme Court on February 19.

Sally Pokiton