Petition against Maru dismissed

An election petition disputing Richard Maru’s election win as Yangoru-Saussia MP was thrown out of the National Court yesterday for being incompetent.

Petitioner Peter Wararu Waranaka challenged Maru’s election on six main grounds: 22 counts of bribery, undue influence, errors and omission, illegal practices, irregularities and forgery.

Waranaka was seeking a recount in the petition.

The matter went before Justice Ambeng Kandakasi for hearing one objection to competency motion, filed by Maru.

Maru’s lawyers put to court the petition was filed outside 40 days’ requirement and was incompetent. 

They also argued the two attesting witnesses to the petition did not state their correct occupation, and there was insufficient pleading of materials in the petition to allow it to go for trial.

The objection was upheld and the petition dismissed.

(Richard Maru filepic)

Sally Pokiton