Pato furious over reports of molestation

Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato is furious about the recent news regarding a molestation allegation against a PNG Diplomat.

The Diplomat had previously served a four year tour of duty at the PNG Embassy in Korea, and recently returned home at the start of this year.

Pato said upon receipt of the reports, Public Service disciplinary charges were served on the officer by the Departmental head.

“As required under this process, the officer has been given seven days to respond to the allegations.

“It is important that the officer is given fair opportunity to present his side of the story.”

Pato added that both he and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had previously warned PNG diplomats of zero tolerance towards improper behaviour while serving the nation overseas.

“Any officers who discredit the good name and reputation of our country has no place in the PNG Diplomatic Service.”



Freddy Mou