Pastors’ salary initiative applauded

The Morobe Provincial Government’s commitment to pay all pastors in the province has been described as “supportive” and “helpful”.

The Babafi Trust Partnership Program was set up to identify and register all pastors and missionaries within the province, regardless of their denominations.

Babafi Trust coordinator and survey team leader, Ps Setefano Kepe, applauded the initiative, saying most church workers are based in rural areas and this would help in supporting their work and their families.

“I understand that many people have their perspective towards church doctrines and all that,” Ps Kepe said.

“Some think that this program will make pastors lazy however, for me, I think that this is very helpful and a very supportive initiative by the governor for the pastors because most pastors live in rural areas and try very hard to cater for their family, especially in paying school fees.

“In church, many pastors get roughly K30 or K40 per week. Some less than that. Some, even nothing.

“Bu through this, the Babafi Trust, I believe all pastors should stand together and work with Babafi Trust, and they should be on payroll.

“This is for their livelihood, their family and their children.”

The project has been met with skepticism, with most residents stressing on the need for separation of the church and the State.

Carmella Gware