Passengers Robbed, Wounded In Madang

Passengers travelling in a PMV bus from North Coast Road to Madang town were held up and wounded by armed men outside the Madang Teachers College.

According to Madang Police, the passengers were taken to the Mero Dump along the highway and robbed at gunpoint, while four male passengers were wounded.  

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang, said police were alerted and arrived at the scene but the criminals had escaped.

He said the police officers then transported the wounded passengers to the Modilon General Hospital for medical treatment.


“The passengers were taken to the police station where a formal complaint was registered for further police investigation,” PPC Rubiang said.

He said after a similar incident recently, the police have warned PMV drivers operating along the North Coast Road to be careful when dropping off passengers between RD Tuna Cannery to 26 roundabouts.

“The route 17A bus is a new route serving the people living along the North Coast Road and the people living along that section of the road must respect the buses, because they are providing service to the people.”

PPC Rubiang said the section of the road from RD Tuna Canners to 26 Roundabout has been a hotspot for armed holdups.

He said police have received numerous reports within the area and are working on what best actions to take on the settlers living there.

Sylvester Wemuru