Passengers afraid

Mothers and children expressed sadness today in line with calls for police to stop the constant harassment of PMV operators along the Hiritano Highway in Central Province.

Josephine Ine'e, an emotional mother from Inawi in Mekeo, told media that many of them who reside in Port Moresby are hesitant to make the trip home because they are afraid of the constant abuse by police who stop trucks and search their cargo along the roads.

The operators were on hand to express frustration about constant abuse received by the personnel who at times are in unmarked vehicles and half uniform or plain civilian clothes.

The issue at present has been raised with the central police command.

For now, locals like Ine'e have no other way but to take the chance on the road to make their way home.

She says while she respects the rule of law, police personnel who hold up trucks and local villagers along the road with no proper roadblock and reason make them feel very unsafe in their own communities.

The mother hopes relevant authorities can deal with the matter so that they can feel safe once again to travel the road home.

Julianna Waeda