Partnership research launches CBB modules

Extension training modules for managing coffee berry borer (CBB) using simple, low input, low cost and cultural control techniques was launched in Goroka recently.

The modules were launched on Wednesday 9th August 2023 by Coffee Minister Joe Kuli in the presence of the Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) representatives, Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) staff and management and coffee industry stakeholders in Goroka.

The project funded by the Australian Government through ACIAR was initiated to develop the best bet Integrated Pest Management (IPM) package for coffee growers in PNG, which looked at identifying methods with low cost and input, simple cultural practices that have worked and proven within PNG conditions.

Kuli thanked the Government of Australia for its support of the coffee industry through research work that has developed these essential training materials for coffee farmers as well as extension officers.

“I know that this achievement took many years of hard work and commitment to take us to where we are today. I congratulate all who have been involved in producing these important training modules for the current generation and those that will come after.

“I thank you for all the training opportunities for CIC staff who have pursued studies through various scholarship programs. Apart from supporting professional studies, you have supported in urgent areas such as CBB. We appreciate the support by the Australian government and hope that the launching of these training modules is not the last support from you.” 

CIC Chief Executive Officer Charles Dambui extended his gratitude to the Australian Government through ACIAR for its involvement in developing these training modules in collaboration with CIC research staff. 

“Thank you for the support for putting together these training modules.

“The challenge is upon us to deliver the content and implement training to the farmers. We are not only launching these modules but the next step is to see the results of these modules. On the same note, we appreciate the efforts from the stakeholders. We will be partnering with all important stakeholders in delivering these training packages to the farmers,” he said. 

ACIAR Research Project Manager, Todd Sanderson said that this was not the product of several months of work, but of many years of hard work that has come together through patience, research and collaboration across many different organisations in Australia to produce the modules, which would be beneficial for the coffee industry.

He added that for good things to happen, it takes patience, partnership and a lot of resources. Sanderson said ACIAR is a long-term partner for PNG and particularly for CIC and the coffee industry in PNG.  

Loop Author