Parliamentary debates hindered

Finance Minister Rainbo Paita has sought the assistance of the offices of the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament to ensure that Members of Parliament are present for parliament sitting and not absent due to court appearances for election petitions.

“Because em greatly affectim the ability of members to be present here on the floor to debate, harim discussions, participate in decision making process, vote on legislations, many other issues lo parliamentary business…”

Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan says the Office of the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament will look into the issue.

“It will be noted and the clerks will look into that matter and we address that matter. I think it affects much of you members, myself as the chair, you’ve seen me excusing chair today, I have to attend to court too so that matter is important and it is noted. The parliament will look into that and report back to parliament.”

Furthermore, Morobe Governor Luther Wenger suggested a proposed amendments to the National and Supreme Court acts.

Deputy Speaker Iguan assures that the matter will be probed.