Parliament resumes

Parliament will resume today at 2pm.

With the window of the Vote of No confidence still open, the Opposition has indicated that they will resubmit the motion today after the Speaker rejected their motions in the last session due to technical errors.

This will be the third notice of motion of VONC considering the first two were refused; they were filed on February 14 and 20 respectively. The first was rejected while the second was subverted when the 12 signatures dropped to 11 when Milne Bay Governor, Gordon Wesley, moved to government. A notice needs to have the signatures of at least one-tenth of the MPs (12 out of 118) and the name of the alternate PM, which is Rainbo Paita.

Recently, a faction of the ruling PANGU Pati defected to the Opposition, led by Finschhafen MP, Rainbo Paita.

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