Parkop urges Papua New Guineans to reflect

The National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop appealed to city residents to see the New Year as a time to reflect on their lives.

He also urged Port Moresby residents to celebrate peacefully.          

“As we approach the New Year, I once again appeal to our residents and indeed all our people in the length and breadth of our country to bid good bye to 2016 and welcome 2017 in style, with fun, joy, faith and a spirit of good will for the future of our city and our country,” Parkop said. 

“Let us be more positive and supportive of each other. Let us fill our lives with productivity and ask not what the country can do for us but what we ourselves can do for our country, for our fellow men, women and children.

“After 41 years, let’s be proud our city and our country and all we have achieved.  I wish you all amazing reflections and resolutions for 2017. Let's stand together to be the change! We are the change. Together we can PNG.”

The city did not experience any major crime reported in the city during the Christmas Holiday, despite liquor being sold at normal hours.


Charles Yapumi