Parkop hits back at Kramer

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has hit back following Madang MP Bryan Kramer’s recent yoga costings statement.

Kramer recently gave the National Capital District Governor 14 days to come clear with a thorough report on the expenditure of the unpopular K3 million per annum yoga contract.

Parkop said Kramer is becoming like a judge, jury and prosecutor making assertions without evidence.

The Governor told this newsroom that Kramer had been releasing statements without evidence and not caring to find the truth.

Parkop, when asked about the issue, said he doesn’t have to reply to such people.

“I don’t have to give him any documents because he is not objective and not sincere.

“He should have sought to get those information, find out the truth before rushing to judgment.

“I have a city to run and transform. I have no time for egoistic people like Kramer.

“He is not after the truth. He is only trying to reinforce the populist image he has created for himself,” Parkop said.

(National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, left, slams Madang MP Bryan Kramer’s statement on yoga)

Freddy Mou