Parkop expresses concern

Response to setting up relief mechanism for the earthquake victims has been slow.

And this has not settled well with some.

NCD governor, Powes Parkop, is one who expressed concern on this.

He said in times like this, disaster management should always refer back to the three Rs;

Relief, Rehabilitation and Restoration.

"Relief should be instant, but four days have gone by already. And I'm not happy that we're slow," he said.

The Governor said tourist overseas have also indicated interest to contribute towards the earthquake appeal.

Unfortunately, he said the National Disaster Office has not really opened up a means by which people can contribute.

He added that the National government has pledged K450 million for relief aid, but he said this is not enough, even if it seems like a huge amount.

"It will take more to restore the destruction. So let the government deal with instant relief, but we the people must reach out to families, who are in trauma, psychologically affected by this. We welcome the government's support, but let's do our part," he said.

He is urging people to note the appeal initiatives and assist through this.

Gloria Bauai