Parkop: Driver must be charged

The driver of the vehicle that drove into the stadium premises on Christmas Eve must be charged accordingly, says NCD governor Powes Parkop.

The car – a Toyota grande – is believed to be from the NCD governor’s office, according to the Traffic Police.

As per witnesses, the heavily intoxicated driver drove out the intersection at Vulupindi Haus during the early hours of December 24th.

Instead of turning left towards the traffic lights, he drove straight towards the opposite side of the road.

The vehicle slightly hit the bustop stand before crashing head-on into the fence of the stadium propelling onto the beach volleyball court and going right under the benches.

While Governor Parkop says he has not been informed of this by his management, he says the driver must be charged and pay for the damages personally.

“If indeed they are my officers, police should charge them, as such behaviour is unbecoming of persons working in my office or for NCDC.

“This is also irresponsible criminal actions,” adds the Governor.

The stadium management said payment to the damages will be done before the vehicle is towed out.

According to the stadium guards, police apprehended the two men and one woman who were in the vehicle at the time of the incident.



Gloria Bauai