Parkop calls for cooperation and common sense

NCD Governor Powes Parkop has called for all parties to exercise common sense when initiating the restriction of buai sales in public places in the Capital District.

His comments came in light of a recent incident that reportedly involved tear gas affecting children at a school near a police operation against buai vendors.

Governor Parkop said: “For starters, this is not a war on betelnut,” referring to a headline used by one of the dailies.

“It is meant to be a controlled exercise, starting in Boroko to keep our suburbs clean and healthy. We have not even started at Hohola, where the regrettable incident took place.”

“When a controlled operation is taking place, it suggests that there is a ban to prevent the sale of betel nut in major public places. Cooperation and common sense of all parties involved, police, vendors, chewers and general public is necessary to make this exercise successful,” Governor Parkop said.

“Wholesale and retail markets have been identified and there are more venues coming up for vendors to use to sell better nuts”, he added.

“The police should be working in tandem with our city officers. We have a strategy in place and we have not given direction to regular police to implement that strategy yet.”

“I am asking the new NCD City Manager Bernard Kipit to make it a high priority to meet with the NCD Police Metropolitan Commander, so that NCDC’s strategy regarding the control of the partial buai ban is fully understood.”

“Bernard Kipit was only sworn in as City Manager on Thursday, so it looks as though this will be one of his first official tasks,” said Governor Parkop.

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