Paraka’s leave application adjourned

The Supreme Court has adjourned the review into the leave application for convicted lawyer Paul Paraka to next week giving him ample time to prepare his documents.

Presided over by Justice David Cannings as single judge, Cannings has adjourned the matter giving sufficient time for the lawyer to prepare his documents after Paraka informed the court of an additional document that was presented to him over the weekend to support his leave application.

Representing himself in court, Paraka said the additional document which is required to support his leave application was filed yesterday morning therefore, he has asked the court to adjourn the matter to next week to prepare the documents before he makes submissions.

“I require these documents which are transcripts from the civil proceedings at the registry,” he said.

Paraka appeared before the court yesterday, Monday 27th November, to review his leave application seeking orders to stay outside of Bomana Correctional institute on leave of absence which was refused on October 18th 2023 by the Supreme Court.

However, the lawyer representing the State Helen Roalakona objected to Paraka’s appeal stating that the notice of the leave application has reached the 40 days from the date of his conviction on October 4th 2023.

However, Judge Cannings adjourned the matter to next week given additional time for Paraka to prepare the files before he make submission.

Paraka was sentence to 20 years imprisonment recently for five counts of misappropriation of state monies.

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