Paraka Lawyers locked out of office

Paul Paraka Lawyers has been locked out of their office at the Mogoru Moto building in Port Moresby since Monday, after Nambawan Super Ltd terminated a lease agreement it had with the law firm.

They were locked after Nambawan Super took out restraining orders against Paul Paraka Lawyers on Monday from having access to the property they used over the years.

A substantial amount of outstanding rental, amounting to K5 million, is claimed to be owed by the law firm to Nambawan Super.

Principal Paraka went to the National Court on Wednesday with an application asking the court to set aside the orders issued on Monday.

On Wednesday, the law firm went before the National Court with an urgent application seeking relief of the court to set aside the orders so it can access the building and its client’s files.

They asked the court to set aside the stay because the law firm was representing a client in a trial which was set for 1.30pm on Wednesday.

Justice Joseph Yagi, who heard the application, issued an order allowing a representative of the firm to have access to the building for four hours and retrieve files needed in the trial that afternoon.

Justice Yagi adjourned the matter to the next day where he heard submissions on Thursday from Paraka and Nambawan Super’s lawyer Derek Wood, and reserved his ruling to a later date.

Wood told the court on Thursday that the commercial relationship with the law firm was terminated over outstanding dues owed.

Paraka asked the court yesterday to stay the orders issued in favour of Nambawan Super until a notice of motion he filed on Oct 28 is determined by the court.

Justice Yagi, after hearing arguments from both parties, said he was aware of the urgency of the matter but needed time to consider the materials before him, adjourning his ruling on Paraka’s application to a later date.

(The Mogoru Motu building in downtown Port Moresby)

Sally Pokiton