Paraka hits back

Prominent lawyer and owner of the largest legal firm in the country Paraka Lawyer, Paul Paraka has hit back to those that have contributed to his downfall.

He has now instituted legal action in the National Court to invalidate all the actions of the executive government and the Sweep Team.

In a packed media conference last Friday, Paraka said it took him five solid years to do his research after his downfall and he is confident that he is ready to take those responsible for his downfall down.

He is seeking court orders for the criminal charges and actions of the Sweep Team and Executive Government which are unconstitutional and invalid.

“I am a victim of oppressive, unlawful and unconstitutional actions by the Government Authorities that have deliberately colluded and connived to destroy the biggest law firm in the country, who has employed and given over 3,000 young Papua New Guineans a purpose in life over the years.”

Paraka is also seeking from the Courts constitutional orders for the members of the Sweep Team and political and cabinet ministers responsible for the unlawful actions to be punished by orders of imprisonment for periods of up to 10 years.

“They have abused the State powers to destroy me, but they all failed and did not succeed, although they destroy the legal business unfairly.”

He said his downfall saw many young Papua New Guineans losing jobs and are now on the streets.

Mr Paraka, who once owned one of the biggest law firms in the country prior to the controversial saga said now it was his time to declare war on them through the powers of the rule of law, seeking damages and justice from the court.

Freddy Mou