PANGU Welcomes Wenge

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge has joined the PANGU Pati. Wenge abandons his Pipol First Party of which he was the only member.

PANGU Pati Leader and Prime Minister James Marape welcomed the Morobe Governor.

Pangu Pati membership now stands at 53.

From 1992 to 2012, Wenge was a Member of Parliament representing the people of Morobe. He was re-elected as the Regional MP for Morobe in the 2022 National General Elections.

Prime Minister Marape said, “PANGU Pati is no ordinary party, it is a party that birth this country. It was under this party’s watch that we made transition from our colonial outpost into the country being birth as a sovereignty in 1975.

“It was the party that supervised the constitutional assembly that accepted our national constitution in July of 1974, or 1975.

“It was the party that supervised us migrating from pre-independence into independence.

“This generation of PANGU Pati is privileged to be strong and robust today.”

Remarking on the membership numbers of the party, PM Marape said, “A solid number to ensure our agendas with our coalition partners fixed to ensure our country is progressed in the right country is maintained.”  

Governor Wenge says he will pursue his agenda to build a railway system in Morobe with the support of the Pamgu Pati.

“That’s a project that we must commence, I will need the Pangu Pati’s support, I will need the government’s support.”

Wenge also re-emphasized his administration’s plans to move Morobe’s capital city to Nadzap.

The Morobe Governor says he confident that his new party will help him in achieving Morobe’s developmental agendas for his people.

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