Pangu leader on Momase tour

The Pangu Pati Leader Sam Basil, is currently touring the East Sepik Province as part of a nationwide tour to explain his political party’s platforms and policies ahead of the issue of writs next month.

Basil expressed his concern over recent remarks made by Pangu Pati supporters during his provincial visit to East Sepik this week.

Basil said, the nationwide support for Pangu Pati is apparent. We are building and reinforcing our stand as a political party so that we can fulfill our ultimate objective of seeing a significant political change after the 2017 Parliamentary elections. In the process my team is building sustainable platforms for our values and ideas to embed amongst a growing and changing series of demographics in Papua New Guinea.

The Pangu Pati Leader and Bulolo Open MP is completing a provincial tour to East Sepik where he will visit  six electorates.

“The Pangu Pati policies frame our preferred development agenda and reforms based on key themes of rehabilitation, repair and reconstruction. Through these lenses we anticipate that there will be a big cleanup of the economic mess, we understand that we need to fix many broken systems and of course our plan is to rebuild our country with the right team and best economic plans that will have a positive impact on livelihoods and the social contract.”  

Basil says that he will not enter into further public debates or respond to defamatory remarks about his party’s political and policy agenda. He says he remains committed to the national agenda to resuscitate the economy with tailored reforms that provide new and specific solutions to ongoing development challenges.

“Pangu Pati has a parliamentary wing consisting of 2 sitting MPs who are mandated to represent the party in parliament and elsewhere in constituencies.”

William Samb is Pangu Pati’s Deputy Parliamentary leader while I am the Parliamentary leader, according to our own party Constitution. This gives me the mandate to consult and direct party executives.

“These powers allow me to reside over Pangu council decisions also. In this regard we are legitimately setting new and progressive agendas and keeping up our commitment to make political decisions on behalf of nationwide Pangu Pati supporters. We refuse to entertain any further emotional debates. We are focused on a single plan to spearhead change for Papua New Guineans,” Basil said in a media statement.

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