Palom Calls On Escapees To Surrender

Beon Acting Jail Commander Chief Inspector Copen Palom has made another call to the 19 escapees who dashed for freedom on November 28 this year, to surrender and serve their terms. Twenty-two had escaped initially. One was captured and two surrendered.

This news room has confirmed that Masta Muli and Victor Siwi surrendered, while Jordan Sau who was convicted for arson and burglary by the National court in July this year, was recaptured in a dawn raid. He will continue to serve his 12-year jail time.

The 19 still on the run are; Joel Otariv, Genesis Simba, Korekio Daniel, Adam Daniel, Dodi Daniel, Batla Mahen, Sylvester Womandre, Ferdanan Waru, Kwaram Bala, Peter Karababo, Malewa Mandar, Robin Tomai, Andare Pap, Tongu Moli, John Alois, Paya Thomas, Rosang Basuk, Aipi Paul and Eddy Mori.

He said Madang leaders from the top level and down to the communities, must work with police and the correctional service to locate these men, who were serving jail time for very serious crimes.

Sylvester Wemuru