Paita clarifies move

Member for Finschhafen and the Opposition’s Prime Minister nominee, Rainbo Paita, has clarified that they are still part of PANGU Pati.

In a press conference this afternoon, after today’s Parliament sitting, Paita said differing views had resulted in their decision to “take a different approach”.

“Thus, you’ll find us in the Opposition with likeminded leaders whom we share this floor now,” he stated.

“When my team came out, Sir John Pundari with the Liberal Party joined us together.

“As I said yesterday, people can talk about it but what do you do? We’ve been speaking about issues in the government and when we agreed, some stayed back. And I want to place on record also my greatest appreciation to the 14 guys who are with me; one strong iron lady, Member for North Bougainville, and 13 strong leaders who placed their ministerial portfolios on the line, who placed personal relationships and I can agree with Governor Allan Bird who said, ‘It’s nothing personal. We just want some things to change’.

“Coming from me, I should be the last one to make this move, and I don’t know why some of our brothers are still sitting on the other side.”

Paita further thanked East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, Opposition Leader Douglas Tomuriesa and other members for having the confidence in him and bestowing on him custody over the PM nominee position.

Two members of PANGU Pati, who had initially joined the Opposition camp at Sanctuary Hotel, had moved back to Government a few hours before the resumption of today’s Parliament session. They are Tewai-Siassi MP, Dr Kobby Bomareo, and Member for Kokopo, Ereman ToBaining Jnr.

The Opposition has also confirmed that they are yet to resubmit the notice of the motion of vote of no confidence, which was refused twice on February 14th and 20th respectively.

They say that they are taking their time to make sure that they get it right this time.

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