PA called to release funds

The Yawar Local Level Government has called on the Madang Provincial Administration to release funds to address the growing law and order issues in the province.

This was raised after a petition was presented by the LLG to perspective town authorities.

President of Yawar LLG, Bogia in Madang Province, Thomas Kuangi called on the Madang Provincial Administrator Frank Lau to release funds to assist police and other sectors.  

He is concerned that the crime rate in the province has escalated in recent months causing unnecessary unrest.

Kuangi who is also a Provincial Executive Council member had issues to raise about the finances of the administration.

He said since the beginning of the year, the budget in Madang has been on hold for 10 months and the year is about to end. Kuangi is concerned that there has been no start-up for new projects or funding for ongoing projects.

“The PA must release Madang people’s money to start funding law enforcement, education, agricultural and other sectors that are in need. In all government operations, they need money for logistics and other services which will be provided to them, enabling the flow of work,” he said.

“For Madang, this has not happened and it has caused many inconveniences to service providers and law enforcers to carry out their duties.”

Kuangi said as a PEC member, he is burdened with how the province has deteriorated in recent months. He would like to see Madang Province restored and this can only be achieved with the support from the provincial administration.

Meantime, Mr Lau has clarified that the delay in releasing funds was due to the lack of proper processes and protocols in place to access funds. 

Loop Author