Overwhelmed governor thanks NCD residents

An overwhelmed National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has thanked city residents for a peaceful Christmas celebration.

“As Governor of our capital city, chairman of our municipal Government, NCDC and Member of Parliament representing our Port Moresby City, I want to thank all our city residents for ensuring a very peaceful, drama free Christmas period,” Parkop said.

“No arrest was reported. No drunkenness was reported and everyone celebrated Christmas quietly and peacefully.

“This is a major achievement for the city. A record after so many years and I salute and commend you all. Congratulations for achieving this milestone in the history of our City. Well done.”

The Governor also extends his appreciation to the police men and women for their role in keeping the peace.

“I also want to thank our NCDC regulatory division for assisting police to monitor and control liquor outlets and entertainment outlets in the city during this period,” he says.

“We made a brave decision not to impose a liquor ban. We wanted to give our residents an opportunity to show goodwill and maturity and that decision was appreciated well by the good response from our residents.

“I am proud of you all and I am proud of our city.”

Parkop also thanks all community leaders for leading by example.

“All church pastors, deacons and elders, women and youth ministry for supporting our call to celebrate Christmas in its true spirit of peace and reconciliation.

“We have done ourselves proud.”

The Governor is urging city residents to take ownership of their actions and enjoy New Year safely. 

Charles Yapumi