Over K500mil to renovate: PNGDF

It would cost over K500 million to renovate all of the PNG Defence Force military barracks.

PNGDF director engineers, Lieutenant Colonel John Giregire, made this statement after Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony of Igam Barrack’s 100-man accommodation project.

He said PNGDF facilities have been left to deteriorate over the years.

“It is an issue now,” he stated.

“We started off on the maintenance program with the Public Infrastructure Program (PIP) of the government under national planning. And also coming on board is the Australian Defence Cooperation program that has helped us to refurbish some of our rundown facilities, especially the single quarters.”

Lt Col Giregire said five single and three married quarters have been completed in Port Moresby under the ADF and PIP.

With regard to the PIP, Lt Col Giregire highlighted the need for transparency and accountability, saying all government departments get their fair share from the Department of National Planning.

“There have been some funds coming in before last year that I’m not qualified to comment on but since last year, when I took office, there was K8 million and then this year, K5 million,” he revealed.

“That K8 million was fully utilised and we delivered two single quarter buildings, three-storey, and three type 3 married quarter buildings for officers’ quarters.”

Lt Col Giregire said the K5 million from this year will be used to construct two more three-storey, single quarter buildings, stressing that it was “money well-spent”.

“It’s a government requirement that you have to acquit for every toea that is given to you,” he continued. “And for the first time in many years, we have acquitted for the K8 million last year and we will acquit this year’s K5 million.”

Carmella Gware