Over K400m budget for Hela Province

The National Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel has approved a K400 million-plus budget for Hela Province.

Governor Philip Undialu released a public statement on Tuesday confirming this, and promised that its first priority will be to assist students.

Governor Undialu said officers from Treasury will travel to Tari this week to load the provincial government accounts before money can be withdrawn to implement its first priority of school fees.

However, the Governor has urged parents to be equally responsible and pay up compulsory fees to ensure their children are registered.

He said the government will only assist given the increased number of students.

Governor Undialu commended the team who have been collecting school fee assistance submissions and assessing them.

The Hela Provincial Government has allocated K6 million for school fee assistance; K2 million for students’ studying overseas, K2 million for Hela schools’ uniforms, aviation training and institutional support, which includes educational support grants, infrastructure and capacity building for education institutions established in Hela.

(Hela Governor Philip Undialu)

Salome Vincent