Over K400,000 in school fees for MKA students

Parents of elementary and primary school students from Motu Koita villages do not have to worry about the parental component of school fees this year.

The Motu Koita Assembly (MKA) has committed K472,229.89 to assist 5,774 elementary and primary school students.

These payments were made for Motu Koita students who applied for school fee assistance through the 2020 Motu Koita education assistance program.

The Motu Koita Assembly (MKA) chairman, Dadi Toka Jnr, during a recent cheque presentation at Baruni Primary and Elementary School appealed to parents and guardians to take ownership and support their children’s education.

“As a government we have done our part, now it is up to you. As parents and guardians, it is your duty to be the custodian of your child’s education. You must prioritise education as it is the best way to ensure a better future for us all.

“I often ask students in our Motu Koita primary and elementary schools what they would like to be when they grow up. Today, a young girl in Grade Five told me that she wants to be a lawyer while a young boy in Grade Three said that he would like to join the Defence Force when he grows up. I will endeavour to create every opportunity for our Motu Koita children to reach their dreams and aspirations when they grow up,” he said.

Chairman Toka also announced at Hagara Primary and Elementary that very soon, Motu Koita villages will have their own FODE Centre conveniently and safely located in the Hagara Primary and Elementary School premises.

This centre will especially give Motu Koita Grade Eight school leavers a second chance when they miss out on high school selections.

It will also be used to up-skill teachers who are currently teaching in schools serving the Motu and Koita villages.

Payments for high schools, university and other institutions under will be made next week.

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