Over 200 incidents in less than 2 weeks

Over 200 incidents have kept ambulance clinicians busy in Port Moresby.

Between 17 December and 29 December, 2018, St John Ambulance crews have attended to over 288 incidents in Port Moresby and Central Province; 177 were regarded as serious emergencies.

Commissioner Matthew Cannon, Chief Executive Officer of St John Ambulance, said their specialist team of paramedics and doctors have also assisted with five air medical evacuations missions.

“Unfortunately, five percent of the incidents we have attended this Christmas period have been related to violence. This time of year can typically see an increase in domestic violence often triggered by men and women drinking too much alcohol.

“Alcohol stops a person’s normal thinking and makes them prone to extreme moods and more likely to lash out in frustration – something the person might regret the next day.

“The violence our ambulance officers see appears to affect both genders, so it would be unfair to say one gender is always the instigator.”

Assistant Commissioner Rigona Rita, Director Operations of Operations (Southern), says: “The message is simple – if you become violent when you drink, do not drink.

“If you do intend to drink over the new year period, drink responsibly. Responsible drinking means limiting your intake to no more than one standard drink per hour, which would be no more than one can of beer, or one glass of wine, or one shot of store-bought liquor (30ml) each hour.

“Between alcoholic beverages, you should also have a cup of water (250ml), and make sure you eat food if you are drinking.”

Meantime, Commissioner Cannon, congratulates the overwhelming majority of people in Port Moresby and across Papua New Guinea who do the right thing.

“Every day our ambulance clinicians see the best of people in our communities. They see the good Samaritans that come to the aid of those who are sick or injured; they see people who stop at the scene of accidents to help someone that is injured. These people represent the overwhelming majority of good people in our community.

“We stand strong in commending the actions of these people.”

If you need St John Ambulance, dial 111 (toll-free), or if you have credits, call them directly on 7111 1234.

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