Over 11,000 Gr 12 students selected

About 11,750 Grade 12 students have been selected to further their studies in tertiary institutions for the 2018 academic year.

This figure indicates a slight increase in the number of students entering higher learning institutions after Grade 12 examinations.

A total of 25,000 students sat for the 2017 Grade 12 National Examinations.

47 percent have successfully secured spots in colleges and universities.

This is an increase of about a thousand students compared to the last Grade 12 national selections in 2016.

“The selection was very transparent and the best students were selected according to their preferences,” said Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.

Higher Education’s Deputy Secretary of the Operations Wing, Steven Matainaho, said the increase wasn’t as high as expected but nevertheless, it indicates positive changes in the country’s secondary and post-secondary education systems, such as the new Online Selection System.

These systems will be assessed and reviewed to encourage greater results.

One of the biggest areas to improve is the third preference, which is the selector’s preference.

Matainaho said: “This is for students who are not selected according to their preference but are selected for programs that they are eligible for according to their marks.”

He added that this will require the possible introduction of online application system, online examinations and linking the Education Department’s manual Grade 12 marking to the higher education’s online selection system.

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Carolyn Ure