Over 1,000 graduate

Over 1,000 students graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea on April 26th.

In spite of the political infighting that has plagued the institution since February this year, graduants proudly walked up to receive their hard-earned certificates.

1,221 students graduated from the five schools within the University of Papua New Guinea during today’s 64th graduation ceremony. 

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the School of Natural and Physical Sciences and the School of Law were in the first session while the second session consisted of the School of Business and Public Policy and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

UPNG public relations and event management director, Jim Robins, said despite the political infighting, where members of the National Academic Staff Association boycotted the graduation, the ceremony had proceeded smoothly.

“We’ve noticed that some are missing but many of them are still here today,” Robins said. “And of course, all of the executive deans they put their professional attitude upfront and they’ve looked at the attitude and image of the university and also put the students’ futures as the first thing, upfront.

“And that’s why I’m here today, and all the executive deans were here today; that’s their respect for the students who have been here for the last three years, four years or five years to get their degrees and go out into the big world.”

Members of NASA voluntarily boycotted today’s graduation in protest of the delay in appointing Professor Frank Griffin as the duly appointed and NEC endorsed vice chancellor.

Furthermore, NASA said ample time was not given to outgoing students to fix their academic, financial and administrative issues to enable them to graduate. The academics said they are fighting, and will continue to fight, for good governance.

Carmella Gware