Outgoing commandant challenges recruits

High discipline and teamwork starts from simple things like a parade, and that is what is expected from the training college.

This was the statement by the outgoing Bomana Police Training College Commandant, Perou N’Dranou, during the parade ceremony at Bomana on Tuesday.

He said the handover-takeover parade is not about the outgoing neither is it about the incoming training commandant. Rather, it is the system of the person who takes the protocol and practices in ensuring that the office of the training commandant remains transparent.

He challenged the new recruits that if they could conduct a smart parade like this then they can achieve bigger challenges; especially the young people.

N’Dranou handed over the title to former East Sepik provincial commander, Peter Phillips, after he was given time and opportunity to inspect the parade as the training commandant for the last time.

He will now occupy the NCD metropolitan superintendent office at the Boroko Police Station.

The handover-takeover comes after the call by the commissioner for police earlier last month to make changes in some of the senior positions in the RPNGC hierarchy.

Annette Kora