Oro youth asks Govt for more local employment

A young carpenter in Sohe, Northern Province, is calling on the Government to provide employment opportunities for youths in the districts.

Winterford Sokino, 24, (pictured) said there is a big need for employment as there are many youths with skills in the district.

Though at a very young age, Winterford, had recently been put in charge of a teachers housing project at Agenahambo Primary School, where he and four others constructed three houses recently.

Speaking to Loop PNG Winterford urged the Government to look into addressing the unemployment problems.

“Mipla ol youths mipla gat bikpla need stret lo wokim disla kyn wok” (We the youths have a great desire to work.”)

“Inap gavman lukim mipla nau na helpim mipla lo wokim sampla wok na mipla ol youths man bai earn a living lo disla na mipla bai stap,” said Winterford. (Can the Government look at us and assist us with employment opportunities so we the youths can earn a living.”)

Winterford a product of the Agenahambo Primary School completed Grade 8 before attending Higaturu Vocational school where he undertook studies in carpentry for three years.

He would then be employed by Lae Builders and moved to Lae at a young age to work there.

After a short stint in Lae, Winterford returned home where his old school then approached him for the housing project.

He said the teachers housing project is his only source of income and if the project continues then he will be involved.

“If coins blo l inap, bai mi wok na stap. Tasol behyn lo disla em nogat,” he said. (If they have enough funding, I will continue to work. But after this there is nothing to build.)