Oro PA suspended

The Oro Provincial Executive Council (PEC) has suspended the sidelined Provincial Administrator, Sem Vegogo, on 18 counts of misconduct and maladministration in office.

The suspension was effective as of June 22, 2018.

Vegogo, who was arrested and charged by police on Nov 6, 2017, was sidelined and asked to take paid leave of absence by Department of Personnel Management (DPM) whilst going through Court to defend the charges.

The charges against Vegogo arose when he authorised K168,785 of non-discretionary funds from the Provincial Support Grants (PSG), without the Resolution of the Joint Provincial Planning and Budget Priority Committee (JPP & BPC) to pay for hire car bills.

The hire car bills were alleged to have been incurred and framed without the knowledge of the Service Users, who testified against Vegogo and denied knowledge of authorising PSG funds to pay for their hire car bills.

The criminal case against Vegogo were subsequently struck out at Committal Court on Feb 8, 2018, by the Popondetta Committal Court due to lack of evidence and Vegogo was discharged.

The PEC says nonetheless, the collation of evidence and criminal investigations are ongoing and once investigations have been completed, a full report will be presented to the Police for further charges to be laid and prosecution to follow accordingly.

The administrative process is still underway with Vegogo failing to respond to the 18 allegations levelled against him.

(Sem Vegogo filepic)

Freddy Mou