Opposition supports decision to suspend police recruitment

The Opposition has supported the decision by the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) to suspend all recruitments for 2017.

RPNGC is suspending all recruitments due to the increasing number of public complaints accusing the Constabulary of nepotism and bias.

Opposition Leader Don Polye said it is a powerful decision made by the police force to show that training of police personnel should be done with merit and with the highest quality standard.

Polye said police recruitment shouldn’t be about pushing in those that are not qualified or that don’t meet the criteria.

He said new recruits must be qualified and must be selected without influence placed on the police force.

“I believe there’s bias not only in the police force recruitment and training but also in the defence force selection, recruitment and training,” he stated.

The RPNGC will be reviewing all of its existing recruitment systems, criteria, protocols and procedures.

Polye added that police training colleges must be increased and the minimum six months for training should also be increased.

Quintina Naime