Opposition Calls For Review Of 2022 Budget

The Opposition has urged the Government to review the 2022 National Budget, saying it has not been fairly distributed among the provinces.

Shadow Treasurer, Joseph Lelang responded to the 2022 money plan saying it lacks integrity and transparency. 

Lelang has described the 2022 money plan as unrealistic and an unfair plan in the distribution of funds, given the country’s economic challenges.

He added that due diligence was not provided when allocating money, pointing out also that the current Government has not achieved its Medium Term Fiscal outlook 2019-2022.

“We find that the 2022 National Budget is out of touch with the harsh realities that our people and business houses out there are facing in the country today.

“We are not easily convinced that what the 2022 budget promises will be achieved,” Lelang said.

The Shadow Treasurer went on to question the manner in which the Government planned to impose hefty levy tax on BSP Financial Group and Digicel PNG Limited. Lelang said this decision is not investor-friendly.

“We find the 2022 National Budget to be very highly optimistic.

“For instance, the Marape Government says it will raise K16,190.2 million and this will come mainly from tax collections of K12,522.8 million and non-tax revenue of K1,842.5m.

“The fact of the matter is that since 2019, total tax revenue has always been around the K10 billion annually.

“So we find it hard to believe that all of a sudden K12, 522.8 million can be raised in the 2022 Budget especially in the Pandemic environment,” Lelang stated.

However, Minister for Planning Rainbo Paita argued otherwise and commended the Marape-led government for the 2022 budget.

“This Budget is inclusive meaning the Government has allocated funds to all MPs despite which side of the house you are sitting in.

“I commend and support the 2022 National Budget."

Freddy Mou