Opposition calls on Gov’t to release funds

The Opposition members are calling on the Government to release the Provincial and District Services Improvement Program funds to the affected provinces who were hit by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Feb 26.

Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch make this special appeal to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in Parliament during the special sitting yesterday.

The Opposition leader Mr Pruaitch said the Government cannot continue plodding along at snail pace when days can mean the difference between life and death to those affected by the disaster.

He is calling on the Government to hear the cries of the people and act now to improve aid delivery and transparent funds management for this very exercise.

“Release the fund for the affected provinces as they know better than the Emergency Controller.”

He added that the Government has shy away from its core responsibilities to serve the people.

He said the biggest threat to those affected by the disaster includes the onset of hunger and disease and these can only be staved off by donations being appropriated correctly.

Mr Pruaitch further claimed that many Papua New Guineans have lost faith in the Government’s ability to manage anything, and are looking to the Prime Minister for leadership and transparency on this issue.

He added that it is disappointing to see private sectors leading in donating relief supplies and not the Government.

Furthermore, the Opposition has called on the Government to immediately make available a portion of the K50 million donated by 0k Tedi Mining Limited for the people of Western Province to show its commitment to their welfare.

Freddy Mou