Only 13pc access electricity

Consumers’ access to electricity at this time in Papua New Guinea is only 13 percent.

Minister for Energy, Sam Basil, told delegates at the 2nd Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby that the big challenge now for the Government is to mobilise and focus on national targets.

Minister Basil said the Government’s two main targets are:

  • Electricity access to 70 percent of PNG households from all forms of energy by 2030; and
  • 100 percent of all households through power generated from renewable energy by 2050.

Basil added that the first energy policy for PNG is very comprehensive, covering all sources of energy, and the harnessing and utilisation of these sources of energy.

He will be presenting the energy policy to Parliament in its October sitting for deliberation.

He said the National Energy Authority, once established, will be the overall one-stop shop institution responsible for policy coordination, development and regulation of the energy industry.

Basil added that all relevant Government agencies need to work together in line with the energy policy, and especially to ensure the necessary legislative reform is completed.

“A sound legislative framework is vital for implementation of the National Energy Policy to meet national energy development objectives.”

(Minister for Energy, Sam Basil)

Freddy Mou