Online Exam Results Launch

The Department of Education has launched the Online examination results at the Port Moresby National School of Excellence in a small but significant ceremony on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

The launch was officiated by the Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra and the Director for the Measurement Services Unit, Anthony Arulapan.

The Port Moresby National School of Excellence principal, David Diowai proudly welcomed the guests and students to the launch. Principals from other National Schools of Excellence and Secondary Schools were also present for the occasion.

Director for the MSD, Anthony Arulapan said it’s a proud moment to finally release the result of the Grade 10 and 12 national examination 2021.

He acknowledged the several personnel who worked hard to produce this results.

“It’s always starts up with the writing of the examination by university lecturers, teachers and then quality checks and balancing then the government printing facilitating the printing with overseas printers to print and pack millions of copies and send to Papua New Guinea with strict conditions,” he explained.

Arulapan admitted that there were discrepancies and cheating in the examinations in the past, which will be a thing of the past.

He said since the current secretary took office in 2015, the MSD immediately took hold of the issues and there have been great success.

“If there is any evidence anywhere, we will physically follow to trace, to investigate and put people down to alignment. If students mess around students will be punished very harsh, teachers yes, schools mess around whole school will even down and our secretary is a very determined secretary,” Arulapan said.

Arulapan acknowledged all those involved in the process of getting the results online especially his staff at the MSU and the technology service provider, ‘Pure Math Solutions’, the CEO and Chief Technology Officer.

Arulapan said while there is some weakness in the science and math areas he is positive that a lot of progress has been made and will continue to happen, as long as the current secretary is in office.

Frieda Kana