Officers trained to become Prosecutors

About 10 Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Police Officers and lawyers were trained recently to become prosecutors.

Comprising of eight Royal Papua New Guinea Police Officers and two lawyers from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a total of 10 officers have undergo this prestigious Prosecution Residential School program for nine months and were issued certificates recently.

They are part of the 5th batch of trainers who have undergone the Prosecution Residential School program initiated by the Papua New Guinea – Australia Policing Partnership or PNG – APP.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police Training John Kolopen said the aim of this program is to upskill police officers with skills that will help them as Prosecutors especially when Prosecuting court cases.

“This training intent to help police men and women to do proper court files and present cases and submission in court,” he said.

Kolopen said currently 75 percent of police officers lack prosecutions skills and this training is very important in the police force.

Meanwhile, the Detective Superintendent Conrad Jensen said this is a special training that the Australian government is supporting and they intend to continue supporting this training.

Loop Author