Officer allegedly assaulted by PM’s officers

A process server for the Young & Williams Lawyers was allegedly assaulted by officers of Prime Minister James Marape at Sir Manasupe Haus when trying to serve Supreme Court documents.

69-year-old Pala Wagula was serving the Opposition Leader, Belden Namah’s, court challenges when he was reportedly attacked on the 9th floor of Sir Manasupe Haus.

“I was instructed by Greg Sheppard, the principal of Young & Williams, to serve the Supreme Court documents to Prime Minister James Marape at about 1pm,” stated Wagula.

“I went to the Prime Minister’s Office and the security allowed me to go up to the 9th floor.

“I asked a security at the 9th floor to tell the secretary to come out and to be served with the court documents.”

However, he said an officer came out and told him that they cannot accept the proof of service but instead, told him to wait for another officer.

“Whilst waiting at the counter, a woman and an officer came out and went straight to me and punched me and I fell,” Wagula recalled.

He added that after falling, the officers threatened to kill him if he returns with the court documents.

Since the attack, Wagula said he did not serve the court documents but returned to the office and notified the Principal of Young & William Lawyers, Greg Sheppard, about the ordeal.

Meantime, Opposition Leader Belden Namah, the complainant, said the incident was shocking.

Namah called on Marape to publicly apologise to the Process Server of Young & William Lawyers and to the people of this country and to the Supreme Court as those documents are from the courts.

The court documents are the Supreme Court application challenging the constitutionality of the election of Tari Pori MP James Marape as the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister's Office have been contacted for comments.

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