Obo Health Centre drug shortage

The Obo Health Centre in the Middle Fly District of Western Province is in dire need of medical supplies.

The facility serves over 10 villages including Aiambak, Boboa station and Lake-Murray. It needs simple medical supplies including dressing, IV fluids, Anti-biotic drugs, Mala-wan and pain relief medication.

Officer in Charge (OIC) Junlai Nawalin said these drugs have been out of stock since July, resulting in patients having to seek medical treatment at other health centres in the district, especially pregnant women. Most of them had to be turned away, and they have had to deliver their babies elsewhere, because the Obo Health Centre Labour room lacks basic supplies to help the women.

Nawalin said the clinic is run by the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea Health Services. The situation was reported to ECPNG last month and clinic staff are still waiting for a response.

Nawalin is calling on any health authority to come to their rescue as they are desperate for immediate assistance.

Press Release