O’Neill confident in hosting APEC in 2018

​The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has again assured the people that the country is well prepared to host the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) in 2018.

Speaking during the flag raising ceremony on the Independence Day O’Neill said our nation will be on display as we host the APEC Summit.

He said by the time of the APEC Leaders’ Summit next year, more than 15,000 APEC delegates will have visited our country.

“We will welcome the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the other 20 APEC countries, representing more than half of global trade.

“This presents unique opportunity for our country.

“We must promote our country to a global audience and the global investment community.

“We must create more jobs as a result of this.”

He added that this is aside from more than K150 million that will come in direct spending by visitors and delegations.

“But, the important focus on APEC will in no way divert the attention of our government from our greatest responsibility and challenge today.

“We will maintain our work to rebuild and expand vital national infrastructure – our highways and roads, ports, airports.

“And we will continue to extend affordable electricity for our rural communities and create greater opportunities for business, big and small, in all parts of our nation.”

Freddy Mou