NZ school instills leadership skills

More parents are looking beyond the shores of PNG for their child’s education.

Much of this is based on the program variety offered by schools overseas.

This week King’s College from New Zealand was in town for a night of question and answer with interested parents.

It was a good turn-out, as parents and children filled the event venue at Crowne Plaza.

The deputy headmaster in charge of boarding, John Payne and school’s head of admission Graeme Syms delivered an impressive presentation of what the secondary school offers.

Apart from academic, King’s is also big on sports, outdoor activities and other extra-curricular activities, including overseas trips.

Payne stressed on how the school instils leadership skills, teaches discipline and encourages independence.

Parents had the chance to ask about boarding arrangements for international students and other pressing questions on their mind.

Even present at the event were parents of some current students, who shared their experience with other parents.

John and Alice Kaio have two sons studying at the college. They told of the amazing learning support and family environment there.

There were more interaction afterward, and exchanging of contact.

Payne hopes more students from PNG joins the college in 2018, to add on to the cultural diversity there.

Gloria Bauai