Nupiri Refutes Allegations

Former PNG Power Ltd board chairman, Peter Nupiri has refuted serious criminal allegations against him by the Special Police Forensic Criminal Investigation Team (SPFCIT) following the arrest of former PNG Power MD, Carolyn Blacklock on Monday.

Mr Nupiri says he has no comments to make in relation to the recent arrest and charging of Ms Blacklock as the matter might now be before the Committal Court, suffice to state at the outset that he denies any wrongdoing against the interest of PNG Power and the State. 

In his firm belief, he acted in good faith and in accordance with the advice of the PPL board and the then executive management in consultation with the shareholder, Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH). 
“What is clear to me, however, is that the good Police Commissioner David Manning, through his agents SPFCIT, is now running a politically-motivated trial against me in breach of my constitutional rights as a citizen of this country,” Mr Nupiri said.
According to him, the Police Commissioner and SPFCIT did not carry out initial enquiry against him based on the complaint in order to accord him the opportunity to turn up at a police station and explain his role in this matter as the former Chairman of PNG Power. 

Mr Nupiri said that unlike Ms Blacklock, he was not interviewed or even arrested and charged by SPFCIT, which would then justify them mentioning his name in a media statement. 

He stated that he has been, therefore denied procedural fairness by running a politically motivated trial by media with the ultimate aim to tarnish his good name and reputation as a successful person in this country. 

“I believe that at the initial stages of a Police investigation based on a complaint, every person of interest, like myself is given an opportunity to explain or assist in any such criminal investigations. 
“This includes where appropriate, arrest and charge them if the evidence warrants, even on a prima facie basis without having to run to the media prematurely in breach of its own internal Police Operating Procedures,” Mr Nupiri said. 
Otherwise, he said the entire investigation would be deemed by bad faith and tainted with bias as in this case. 

He added: “I respect the work of the Police Force. They work hard under challenging conditions to enforce the rule of law in this country. I will not in any way, manner or form, subvert or pervert the Police investigations if it is conducted independently in an impartial manner. 

“At the same time, I will not also accept and allow my name and good repute that I have built and sustained over many years to be dragged into the mud by politically-motivated faceless individuals,” an irate Mr Nupiri said. 

He believes the media statement issued by the Police Commissioner David Manning must not have had been prepared by himself or his Police Media Unit. 

Rather, Mr Nupiri argues that the statement must have been prepared by a civilian within SPFCIT and only warranted for the Commissioner’s signature. 
“No seasoned police officer would breach his own internal Police Operating Procedures and run a media trial against a person of interest without even affording that person an opportunity for an interview at a police station.”

Mr Nupiri has instructed his lawyers to study the statement issued by the Police Commissioner dated 31st of August, which was circulated in both social and print media, with a view to enforce his constitutional rights and seek the full protection of the law.

Press Release