NSO hopes to help improve country

The National Statistical Office is in the process of building systems that will eventually help produce the kind of statistics needed regularly for the betterment of the country.

According to the NSO, statistics are one of the most important objectives that will determine the strength of an economy in the country.

National statistician Roko Koloma, although under scrutiny on allegations of misappropriation, says this will not deter him from looking at these important agendas to help boost the country’s economy.

Koloma said the Office will be looking at the New Reform 2015 to 2019, among other important agendas.

He stated there needs to be a compilation of national accounts, adding that the national accounts are produced to deliver the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

Koloma said the GDP is the most important objective that determines the revenue and expenditure of the country, hence determining the country’s economic status. However, without the national accounts, this cannot be done.

It is vital that the Gross Domestic Product matches the performance of the economy; this will only be found through gathering of statistics.

The national statistician has also revealed that the 2015 national accounts may be released next week.

(National statistician Roko Koloma file pic)

Imelda Wavik