NRI In Information Sharing Drive

The Autonomy and Decentralization Research Project (ADRP) Team will be hosting fortnightly seminars in a lead up to the National Conference in September.

ADRP Leader, Dr. Thomas Webster addressed media personnel in a briefing today on the upcoming event, he said the National Conference will facilitate a robust discussion on;

  • Basic service delivery systems
  • The extent of capacity deterioration
  • Weakening of national institutions and
  • Governance and oversight in Papua New Guinea.


Dr. Webster explained: “The objectives are to facilitate an informed national conversation with dialogue and information sharing.”

The information sharing Dr. Webster is between academics, policy practitioners, political leaders and the civil society on issues and challenges to autonomy and decentralized governance arrangements in the country.

He said it is through this process of information sharing, that key policy decision makers will have increased knowledge on options for autonomy and decentralization in the country.

Dr. Webster said this will enable them to consider specific legal and technical arrangements taken from a National Forum, such as the National Conference in September, for follow up actions through GoPNG departments and processes.

He said to achieve this, ADRP would carry out two areas of planned activities; 1) Research and Analysis and 2) Communication.

Dr Webster added that the media plays a vital role in communication, especially in simplifying complex research report formats and presentations styles, identifying the different audiences and utilizing relevant mediums and products to inform the public.

Marysilla Kellerton